About The Greater Terrace Welcoming Network - a Local Immigration Partnership 

The primary purpose of the Greater Terrace Welcoming Network (GTWN) is to bring together local service providers, community organizations, and individuals to enhance current services and to build a welcoming and inclusive community in the Greater Terrace Area. The Terrace LIP believes in the value of diversity and strives to establish a welcoming and inclusive community. 

Who we are, what we do
The GTWN is a voluntary network of community organizations who choose to work with one another to achieve the Vision, Mission and Goals set out in the Terms of Reference. The GTWN shares its collective knowledge and provides recommendations in an advisory capacity to Skeena Diversity Society (SDS), community organizations, the public and private sector, and the public about welcoming newcomers to the Greater Terrace Area. By ‘newcomers,’ we mean welcoming immigrants, refugees, permanent residents, and all new residents to the Greater Terrace Area.