What is a Community Dialogue

Dialogue is an opportunity to share lived experiences, listen to diverse perspectives, open up new possibilities and create change together, speaking both from the head and the heart. 

This facilitated dialogue hopes to share the stories and experiences of all participants and to identify actions that we as individuals and as a community can take to become a more inclusive and diverse community.

Dialogue brings together personal stories and perspectives, based on life experience, professional and volunteer observations, in order to understand our community’s strengths and challenges to affect systemic changes.

The Greater Terrace Welcoming Network (GTWN) Local Immigration Partnership and Skeena Diversity Society invite you to attend the upcoming Community Dialogue to discuss how we can make our community, the Greater Terrace, a more welcoming and inclusive place. 

Thu, March 2, 2023

5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Sportsplex, Banquet Room

Registration is required
light dinner will be served


What creates a sense of belonging for you in our community? 

 What challenges have you encountered?


This community dialogue encourages diversity of personal experiencces.

If you are a newcomer, indigenous person or long-time Canadian, this dialogue is for you.